Zachary Niu's GITA 1 webpage

This is the webpage for my GITA 1 class.
I am a freshman who is currently learning how to use the program "blender",
which is used for 3D Modelling. In GITA 1, we are learning C#,
a coding language well used in business.
I have all of my projects posted so that you can download them.
If you would like to check out C# and try it yourself, you can
download it yourself at

Goodbye World


This program changes the language of the word "Goodbye" and shows a picture of the country that language is from by pressing the buttons.

Help Page


This program is a help page for my made up company called "Banana in a Cup". Each of the buttons change the "Click Something!" into different pages.

Mailing Label


This program gets information from the user and concatenates all the information into one mailing label.

Car Rental


This program calculates the total price by finding how many miles are driven and how many days the car was rented. It concatenates the customer information, and puts up manager stats.

BMI Calculator


This program calculates the BMI of the user from the height and weight that the user inputs.

Upgraded Car Rental


This program is the same as Car Rental, but it has 3 different cars for selection, which charge different rates. It also has add-ons, which charge extra. It shows a picture of the car that you selected.

Test Score


This program calculates the letter grade you got from 2 different test scores, as well as telling you which score is higher.

Dice Game


This program uses a random number generator to roll two dice, which are added up and put into a chart. The chart shows the probability of each number.

Craps Game


This program uses RNG to roll two dice, but it uses them in a set of rules known as the Craps Game.

T-Shirt Program


This program shows the different prices and extended prices of different T-shirts with add-ons to select.

Slot Machine


This program uses RNG to roll 3 dice that act as a slot machine, winning the jackpot if you get all 3 correct.



This program imitates a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, where 2 players take turns to select one of the options and see who wins.

Fish 1


This program moves a picture of a fish left and right using an array.

Fish 2D


This program moves a picture of a fish in all four directions using an array.



This program emulates the game "TicTacToe".



This program uses a 'for' loop to show multiple math patterns.

Basic AI


This program uses the WASD keys on your keyboard to move a character. A second character follows you, and you can shoot bullets at him.

Star Field


This program mimics going through a star field by having stars move away from the center.



This program uses an array to control a school of fish, with add-ons such as a shark that eat fish, and a fishing boat that catches the fish.

Integer Array


This program uses an array to display 5000 numbers onto the label. The numbers range from 0-5000. The highest, lowest, and average are displayed.

ROOM (Final Project)


There are 3 main Rooms, each with varying difficulty. More detail can be found at presentation/d/1p7gKY61_ Eb2tMDj1crIrUqLc138UKRF3tP veeQEX7XQ/edit?usp=sharing.