Learn to Code!

Global IT Academy is a course that teaches students coding. Currently, I am learning Javascript through This will prepare me for the AP Comp Sci Exam next year!

Zachary Niu

About Me

I am currently in Junior year, with 3 years of prior coding experience.

Currently, I am taking AP Calc A/B, AP Eng/Lang, GITA 3, APUSH, AP Physics 1, and Ceramics. I am in 6 clubs, and holding board positions in 2 of them. My passion is Math and Coding, so I plan on applying to a school with programs that could benefit me in those fields.

This year, I decided not to take Sports in order to focus on my acedemics. Recently, I upgraded my computer this year, so I have been trying out computer games that my old laptop was unable to run. Some of my current favourite games are Terraria, Tetris, and Valorant. One activity that I consistently do is peer tutoring, where I help my fellow students on subjects that they are stuck on. I also have a crippling addiction with mechanical keyboards.

What I've done so far

My Projects

Brea Olinda High School

789 Wildcat Way, Brea, CA 92821

+1 (714) 990-7850