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Global IT Academy is a course that teaches students coding. Currently, I am learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These coding languages help me design websites that look good and have functionality.

  • GITA 1

    My GITA 1 homepage.

  • GITA 3

    Not Yet!

  • GITA 4

    Not Yet!

  • Sports

    The sport I am trying out for at school is tennis. I enjoy playing tennis and swimming with my friends, which we do occasionally on Sundays.

  • Games

    Currently, my favorite games are Tetris, League of Legends, and osu!. I play these games when I have free time, because I am an avid procrastinator and don't study as much as I should.

  • Hobbies

    I have a hobby for collecting Pokemon Cards and browsing YouTube to kill time. I occasionally watch anime, but I don't exactly have enough time to dedicate to one.

  • Classes

    In addition to GITA 2, I am taking AP European History, Honors Chemistry, Lit/Comp, Spanish 3, and Honors Precalculus.

What I've learned so far.

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